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About iWater

A complete integrated smart water technology system that tracks your water consumption, adjusts the waterflow based on your needs, analyzes usage patterns via digital platforms & helps conserve water.


Visibility on your water usage. Track how much water you consume daily, weekly and monthly.


Set temperature preferences, customize waterflow & set timers & notifications.


Analyze indoor water consumption on showering & cut down extra water usage.


Daily, weekly, monthly reports on usage plus alerts on any problems


Minimize water consumption. Support environment sustainably to ensure healthy & reliable water supplies.


Reduce unnecessary water flow & save on both water & energy. Track how much you have saved through the app.

Your Shower Experience just got better..

  • Secured

    Information sent & received is encrypted for safe & secure data transmission.

  • Automated

    Preset temperature and manage water flows. No input or touch required.

  • Easy to install

    No need to tear down walls, break tile or cut pipe. No plumber required. Just unscrew with household tools & you are done.

  • Connected

    Seamlessly connect shower device using wifi or bluetooth

  • Controlled

    Add showerhead, customize water usage thresholds, set goals and track savings, get multi alert notifications, compare and manage water consumption.

Connect your shower with iWater over wifi using bluetooth through a smartphone for a seamless and exceptional showering experience.
With iWater, measure every drop of water you consume and obtain substantial savings on water bill.


  • Real time sensing & response
  • Fully automated shower system
  • Notifications when shower is ready
  • Adjust temperature & timer alerts
  • Track cost savings
  • Track water & energy usage
  • Set temperature preferences
  • Monitor your shower length
  • Compare with your neighbors
  • Customized recommendations


  • Improve
    Your Digital Experience

  • Optimize
    Energy & Water Consumption

  • Increase
    Energy & Water Savings

  • Achieve
    Sustainability Goals