Our Team

iWATER is an exciting, young startup led by a multi-disciplined, experienced Founder, Simon Boag. Simon brings a unique combination of large company leadership and extensive work both funding & leading startups. The team supporting iWATER is comprised of category leading experts in IoT product design, communication, data analysis, exceptionally low power management, global supply chain and lean manufacturing operations.

As a startup, iWATER has had the luxury of being able to start from the beginning, with a clean sheet and leverage only the best people to make this a world class product right out of the box.

If you can unscrew a shower head, you can install iWATER.

iWATER is designed so that it does not try to change human behavior. You don’t turn it on, you don’t touch it. You do what you’ve always done and it works around you to reduce your water and energy consumption. You will soon forget it’s even there.